121: Spacey Puddle Jumpers

After heavy rain a puddle always grows at the bottom of our driveway. Today we were inspired by the reflection we saw in it. We all grabbed our gear, Cannon 10-22 lens (I donned my rain boots) and headed to the street! We jumped over, stepped though and splashed in the puddle. We had fun playing while we got our shots. Once we began to edit them our whole idea changed as we found a celestial twist when Chris changed the images into black and white. We really enjoy these images and the process it took to create them.

120: Apparitions

119: Snowball Fight

118: Bootylicious

117: Earth Day Play

116: Rainbow Disc

115: Eye Need A Nap

114: The Jester and Bunny

113: Hot & Cold Fronts

112: Dirty in the Woods

111: Pretty Pink Pack Rats