Today was truly a lazy Sunday. We spent the whole day in our pj's, watched movies, and (much to their delight) snuggled with our fuzzy room mates... Vixen and Moo Moo. These two tiny lionesses simply LOVE their mommy and daddy. It's not uncommon for at least one of them to be close by our sides where ever we roam in this house. Their personalities are very different but when it comes to showing their appreciation for keeping them as well kept kitties, they are both an ocean of emotion.

Moo Moo, the black and white cat, came to our back door step one day and has happily become an essential part of our family. She loves to give you "head love" (rubbing her face on your head) and then curling up in your lap while she squeaks and smiles with delight.

Vixen, the blue eyed Siamese, was adopted from a friend who could no longer care for her. She loves being under the covers and snuggling in your arms while you nap.


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