As usual, we waited until early evening to really start tossing around ideas for todays post. I mentioned that we should do some "glam hamming" in front of the camera with lots of lens flare for that vogue look. Nicky was down for it so we bounced off to our wardrobes to look ultra dazzling.

My first idea was lots of bright colors with dressy yet over the top attire. But Nicky doesn't have much in the way of super chic and stylish garb. Not that she doesn't have rad clothes she just doesn't do the club wear thing. But I rummaged through her closet until I found the perfect top. Nicky struck a fab pose and shot the camera some attitude. She would drive those paparazzi wild!

I on the other hand had lots of things to choose from in the way of dressy threads. But I figured a simple black button up over grey would match better with what I had shot Nicky in. So I shined and slicked the hawk then slipped into my shades. Gotta look cool and protect my pretty blues from all those flash bulbs!


  1. Again... FABULOUSE!! Such stories to be told with your two photos :) I actually look forward to Mondays because of this blog:) In the words of Lady Gaga… "I'm your biggest fan you know I'll fallow you until you love me... papa, paparazzi” (yes I did just quote Lady Gaga! HAHAHA)

  2. You both look fabulous!
    And I agree with the above poster, I look forward to Mondays too so that I can read this. :)

  3. Chris reveals a new side of Nicky - Glam Girl!
    Nice job guys.

  4. Yes, Nicky, you look glam. You also look like you could kick some serious a!# in the club parking lot. Granby St, beware!


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