We were doing some searching for a couch this weekend and one of our destinations was the mall. On our walk from JC Penny's to Dillard's we passed by the candy store. Of course the little kid in me kicked in and I demanded that we go peruse the sweets.

One of the things that we found at Candyopolis were old school candy cigarettes. Yes, they probably help brainwash kids into taking up the real deal someday but they are so fun and yummy! We both used to love the hard stick kind that's in the cardboard box. But we found ones that we had never seen. Soft packs wrapped in cellophane and all! These weren't hard candy though but chocolate rolled in paper. So we snagged up a pack apiece. After which, we immediately got the idea to do some fake smoking ads with our tasty treats!


  1. Freaking rad! I actually picked up a pack for Brett a few weeks ago! These are really cool!

  2. Dammit...now I want a cigarette...

    Nice work, though...they sure do look like legitimate ads!


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