Sunday, October 24, 2010


This is the lucky month that gets to hold the awesome holiday Halloween. One of it's old rituals, carving pumpkins, is something that we will always keep alive. You start by picking out your choice gourd-like squash then proceed with the gutting and mangling until it's sliced into an interesting image. Then you jam a lit object inside it's hollowed out remains to display the horrific design in front of your house. You then leave it there to rot and discard once it's putrid. Not to mention our household uses it's seeds and meat for tasty treats. If there are any aliens out there that descend from veggies, they would be truly appalled and probably wage war on us.

Now with that grotesque description in mind, here are a couple pretty pics of us showing off our own pumpkin butchering skills! Nicky with her wicked kitty and I with my skully face.


  1. Love your photos and Love your pumpkins! Both are so very artistic!

  2. Ohh! You didn't tell me you were going to KILL it.

    Cool pictures and even cooler pumpkins.