We have been talking about doing a story telling shoot like this for over a year. We finally came up with a story that seemed easy enough to accomplish. Our first idea was to use a balloon but when it came time to shoot, we just simply didn't have a helium filled balloon hanging about. Imagine that.

What we did have was the ever coveted mic from our Rock Band X-Box game. The story told below could have very easily been pulled out of our many rock out sessions. Minus the physical violence. We tend to use pouting, taunting, or flat out thievery to be the one who gets to become the center stage star of our pretend band name Dikalotapus.

We placed the camera on a tripod and made a marker on the floor for us to stand on. We needed this so we could keep our bodies true to life since they were going to be sitting next to each-other as you see below. Simple lighting and fun poses created the rest!


  1. Wow! I have seen that face (the last image:) of Nick's so many times!! And the action shoot of Chissy-fur... Great!! This one is so much fun!


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