This last weekend being Labor day weekend meant that most people got three days to play. So we thought it best to make the most of it by bailing on society and head to the hills for some camping. We chose this place due to a few random reviews online that made it stand apart from the standard semi-flat park wrapped around a watering hole.

Kanopolis State park was gorgeous and definitely didn't feel like the typical flat Kansas either. We crawled and explored some of the many sandstone canyons, small caves, rocky shore lines, winding trails and hidden back roads. These shots were from one such excursion into horse thief canyon. I, maintaining my mastery of nature and Nicky becoming one with it.

We cooked camp fire fajitas to stunning sunsets on the edge of our cliff next to the lake. The only drawback was the massive wind storm that came through the last day. It knocked down branches, turned the campfire into a hazard, blew our little tent down and kicked up one hell of a dust storm. We had to sleep in the truck or be blown away wrapped in our tiny tent! Regardless, it was a fantastic trip and definitely on our return vacation list.