Sunday, August 15, 2010


Since we moved into our place here in Wichita, we have been wanting to use the garage for something creepy. It's dilapidated, dingy and when the light shines through all the cracks and yellowed window it looks like something out of a slasher horror film. You know the one. The serial killer is a seemingly innocent looking and quiet guy. But secretly and slowly he works through the neighborhood hacking up everyone. Using his neighbors for gumbo and mixing the powder from the victims ground up bones into cute cement animal statues.


So anyways! We only used the fluorescent light from the garage to back light each of us. Nicky stood me behind the discolored and sullied window where I held a large blunt object over my head. I in turn just used Nicky's naturally creepy silhouette (tee hee) and the decrepit doorway to create my eerie image.


  1. Makes me think of 'the hills have eyes' (horrid movie(s) or the images that pop in my head at night when something goes bump...

  2. Great photos, you two! Love the creepy, not that I have any particular fondness for the creepy, or course...

  3. Aw, scary! The photos look like they've been taken from the movie Silent Hill. The creepy cinematic effect is definitely there… You made some great shots! It would probably be creepy to go out there at night. Imagining it sends a chill down my spine!