This Sunday's post came from a murder mystery that we and our family participated in. The stage was set for gambling, smoking and drinking?! Not in the 1920's, so we had to dodge the fuzz and snake down to the secret location of the speakeasy "The Four Deuces". The night was abuzz with gangsters, loose women, and murder! Guess who the murderer was for the night... innocent ol' me! We had a blast!

We wanted capture the old-time feel with some old-town appeal, so we headed to downtown Wichita. After getting our fair share of odd looks (and one complement on my costume) We got these dandies you see below.

My dress and jewelry were on loan from Jennifer's lovely grandma who was quite the snazzy dresser in her time and also my size! Can you say score? Chris on the other hand owned all his stuff already.


  1. A murder mystery! How cool is that! And speaking of cool...you two are definately that! You both look amazing! Great looks, great photos!


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