With great anticipation Chris and I would like to present you all with... ta-da, the empty pods that we transported our goods in! Why are we so excited you ask? Well, because it means that we rented a house and moved all our effects in! Yes the photo duo is back in action with all the props and goodies that we always have hanging around.

We dug out our best digs to contrast our gritty, used environment (including a pair of cowboy boots that I just love on Chris, yee-haw)! The pods allowed our one light set to bounce all over and give us the illuminated photo's. Our trusty 10-22 gave us enough room to shoot each-other full body, and our amazing outfits allowed us to, um be fabulous! Hope you appreciate our efforts!


  1. woo-hoo!!! You two are adorable! Happy new house to you...miss you and hope to come visit whenever the wind blows me westward. xoxo

  2. HEY! That dress is to be worn ONLY when celebrating ME!! Love the shots... it's amazing what you two can do with 'props':)

  3. So glad your stuff is freed from the pods! One just can't go but so long without one's stuff. Great pictures and I love the outfits. Keep the pics coming our way every Sunday.


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