Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is week two of us squatting in my brothers basement. Thus, we don't have our full on studio. But don't fret! We can turn any room into a temporary, semi-pro, set up! We just tossed one flash on a stand and the other on the floor facing up from behind each of us. All positioned in front of one of the nacho cheese colored walls in the aforementioned basement. Then came the theme.

We were lazy this day and didn't want to cook. So what do typical, modern, consumerist, Americans unlike us do in times of hunger when the kitchen seems less fun than a trip to the proctologist? Hit the drive thru! A sack full of veggie burgers and greasy fries and an Oreo shake to wash it all down with was just what we needed.

Before we dove in to our unhealthy feasts though, we decided to use them as props. We both played around in front of the camera with fries, burgers and our shake. We danced, smiled and even stuffed our faces until we just couldn't hold back our ravenous appetites.

Now if our happy faces don't make you want to go clog your arteries with junk food, I don't know what will!


  1. Oreo shake?! Mmm tasty!
    Great idea for this weeks blog, guys. :)

  2. You two make me hungry and I don't like BK. :)