Our first week in Wichita hasn’t been an easy time for this wayward duo. Our first night we had an unfortunate run in with some trigger-happy, pepper spray holstered, country bar locals (we now know that cold water or milk are best to kill the burning sensation). Allergies have suddenly also developed in my body along with a 48-hour, fever filled, flu. Chris had his fist interview (that went great… hopefully) but upon leaving he had his last ride in his car because he promptly wrecked it, completely. Finally, this weekend seemed promising until my car busted a seal and released important fluids onto the pavement while driving back from the a blustery day at the park which means yet more car issues.

Now, car-less, job-less, technically homeless (since we are only temporarily crashing at Chris’s brothers house) and a little dumbfounded, we tentatively wade into the thought of next week. Truth be told, we are kind of pissed off but are still forging forward with a fun idea for this weeks post. We decided to split ourselves into pieces to show that we may be broken but we still have a sense of humor about it all!

Richard and Jennifer (Chris’s brother and sister in law) have an amazingly cool shower curtain that was far too neat-o to NOT shoot. After a few rounds of shooting inside and outside the shower we settled on the images below. We used the Canon 10-22mm lens with our handy third party flash to give it a more finished look.


  1. I like this. It's kind of like you glued a thousand flash cubes together. Great disco shower curtain. As for the pepper spray, busted hose and newly restored now wrecked car....damn that Kansas karma. Look for that silver lining you too! xoxo jill

  2. I agree with Jill. Things are definitely rough right now but at least you have one another and are still creating art! That in itself, is beautiful. <3 to you.

  3. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!

    Okay, so I suck at the whole wisdom thing...but at least y'all still get to play around with crazy visual effects, right? That's gotta count for something!


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