Friday, one of our friends (Jessica J.) brought over her fun Alien Bee Ringflash to play with. Even though we never did end up using it that night, she did leave it in our care to goof around with. So we decided why not dedicate an SPF to it! The cool (and obvious) thing about ring lights is they put that neat little circle in your eyes. They are great for head shots and make your face and eyes really pop with lots of sometimes painfully grotesque detail. 

Nicky first wanted me to don my eye patch. But as she snapped away she realized that the images didn't really stand out. Surprisingly, the one she dug the most was a plain and simple face shot. Then again, when my freaky mug is in discussion it's far from plain and simple. 

For Nicky, I knew I wanted some bright lipstick. Seeing as she had post-shower, wild and curly, freshly air dried hair, I wanted to make her look kinda crazy. Add in a lipstick mistake and a nutty sneer and you got yourself a feral little minx.