We have made it to a new year a little worse for wear but a million times more rockin' than last year! After bringing in our new year right with awesome friends and a party that didn't end until we hit our front door at 8AM! We just didn't want the party to stop! So we dressed up again and spent a humorous and annoying hour getting these fun shots.

Chris and I figured out our simple one light and one reflector set up and then dove into what turned out to be very challenging subject to capture. Since we are each others assistant, the shootie was forced to throw the tinsel and then pose as it, not so gracefully, fell all over us. To make matters even more interesting we could only get about 2 out of every 5 shots properly lit since our strobes couldn't keep up the the 50D. So we ended up shooting our fare share of duds before all the elements came together in a pleasing image.

I chose this photo because it was sharp on his face and I loved how the bulk of the silver mess just frames his face and body.

Chris had a particularly difficult time getting a photo of me where I wasn't looking at all the pretty shiny ribbons! But he really loved this one because he said I look so cute, innocent and playful.

Looks like we are starting off 2010 with a BANG!


  1. Look! I'm cool... i finally joined! Great shoot! Love the idea of the shiny ribbons:)

  2. Love this post and that tinsel. :)

  3. Good lord...I'm just glad I didn't have to clean up afterwards!

    No, really...nice photos. And shiny...so very shiny! ;)


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