I tried to convince Nicky that we should use the wide angle lens as close to our faces as possible so we look all distorted and weird. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to work for two reasons. One, I have a fat head and it's already distorted so you couldn't tell much of a difference. Second, because Nicky was not going to let me put a warped version of her online.  But I couldn't give up on using the wide angle lens that easy.

We tried some light painting with a long shutter and that wasn't as cool as we had hoped. But we kept right on rolling with that technique and tried some interesting blurring of our faces. Eventually we tried focusing on our faces for about 5 seconds then zooming in slowly for the last 3 or so. It really gave a feeling of action or even like we were warping through time! We both instantly fell in love with how it looked. Thus, Nicky tossed on her blue wig and I donned the blonde one. I mean if you're planning on traveling through time, you better look freaking fabulous!


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