With the wacky winter weather finally turning to a tiny tidbit of snow, we had to don our cozy warm digs for our Sunday adventures today. It actually wasn't a very adventurey day but it did inspire us to use our stocking caps and scarves as our theme today.

We wanted to have "warm" lighting to complement our motif. After wrestling  with our lights for a few minuets we finally got the soft box lights NOT go off, so that we could use the 3200K modeling lamps to light each-other. Then we used our Smith Victor strobe to light the green back ground. 

The strobe on the background was blowing out the green. So we used a few layers of white tissue paper and a rubber-band to give us the perfect diffusion!  We set the aperture at 2.8 for a perfectly soft background, paired with very selective focus to keep our eyes sharp. The perfect combination of super techie, low budget and cute face creativity!