Chris and I put a great amount of thought and time into our outfits, hair, and makeup for this shoot. The idea was conceived on one of many late night bad movie fests that Chris and I revel in. We had preconceived ideas of why this pair was all glammed out for their mugshot. But I have decided to let you the viewer, come up with your own conclusion.

Our lighting set up was simple, two soft box lights set on us at 45 degree angles. This produced minimal shadows and an even light. Most of our work this time was in props and wardrobe. The height marker was a creation of Chris as well as the numbered cards.

I slipped into my "floozy top" I found at a thrift store. Then it took great pains to rat and funk up my hair and mess my make-up just right.

Chris spent a few days periodically pouring coffee or beer down the front of his white shirt for an "all night with too much to drink" look. It was also good timing that he had just gone through some major surgery and was still pretty swollen and had nice pink puffy scars. I think it really makes you wonder what in the hell kind of naughty things these two were up to!

We're making our mama's proud!


  1. These are great! LOL! Making your mamas proud. Very creative and lots of fun.

  2. Dear God...what did you do to Chris, you heathen woma?!? ;)

    Glad to see that studio is being put to good use!

  3. I want to go to jail just to look this fabulous on film!


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