This week we were not as dead set on any idea in particular. Thus we were not prepared or had a high production like last week. I in particular did not have a good ending to this week which I know highly contributed. But we are steadfast in our resolve and will never falter in our pursuit of fun with photos every dang Sunday! 

I had proposed the concept of sliding our photos side by side in a freakish and mongoloid, yet unified version of ourselves. We live our whirlwind lives together, create in tandem and share our love, so why not stitch our visage into one? 

First off, for each shot of one another, we tried to duplicate the light. But once we got them on the Mac, that's when all the issues floated to the digital surface. With skin tones not matching, our heads being so utterly unalike in size and shape, facial objects residing in different locations and in varying sizes, it was clear we are quite disparate. We started by making them black and white and tweaking the tones, it all came down to proper cropping. After all was said and done, laid side by side and uploaded online, we feel like it came out quite nice... for an abomination.

Mary Shelley be damned!