Now Nicky, nor myself, are very much into the consumer aspect of Christmas. But when we do get something we are definitely grateful. So we thought we would show off our gift glee by making them the subject of this Sunday! Since the main objects that we were both presenting were red, we figured we would make the background the same color as well. We fought a couple different ways of making the background red by sheet and even by colored light before eventually settling on this one.

I went first and wore my hand made "Mmm... brains" apron that Nicky's super sweet sister and mother made for me! I decided to go topless since that's typically how I cook anyways. Don't judge, it's casual in my kitchen! Grey matter soufflé anyone?

Next up, Nicky donned her new classy, flapper-style, cinnabar necklace which also came from her sissy-poo. To top it off, the No Doubt shirt she's wearing was also from Traci.

So this post is almost a tribute to gifts from that terrific twin, "T" to the "raci". Way to go!