Today started very early or very late, depending on how you look at it. Chris and I (along with about 30 other cars!) had an unfortunate run in with a large piece of metal on I-264 late last night. After our attack was over, we grinded to the shoulder only to discovered that we had two mangled tires. We called the gecko calvary and then retired to our fallen steed where we waited for the auto ambulance to come to our rescue. What's the point of this rambling story? We were out a car today (and quite possibly longer) and had to hoof it today.  So an adventure was born.

The paragraph below is a short recap of what our secret agent alter egos Macabre (Chris) and Clydesdale (Me... um, Nicky) achieved today. 

We had  a few missions to accomplish for the day and all of which done undercover in our "civilian" attire. One being to obtain an LED flash light for an upcoming assignment. A quick trip to Radio Shack gave us the green light to proceed to our next objective, but not before a quick and random (I normally don't drink) stop to the package store. Taking our handfuls of mini plastic bottles of spirits, (bought for a mere $4.50!) we dashed to the railroad tracks, down the side of an bridge embankment and then a quick sprint across Hampton Boulevard to where we arrived at our final objective. But it's so secret we can't even tell you where it is! The following images were captured during critical points in our mission today. We each had our own photographic undertakings that we wanted to obtain on this Sunday Photo Funday. It was just a happy accident that we both preferred the leafy versions of all the images each of us shot. 

I snapped this photo while we were taking critical calculations of light intensity through different hair disguises. Agent Macabre has the most beautiful eyes in this image... I mean the mathematics were beautiful! I keep all my work professional at all times mind you!!!!

I, Agent Clydesdale, was checking a booby trap at the above mentioned secret location captured here.  The leaf color gave us the perfect vivid serenity for our enemies to fall into a false sense of security. Then they will fall one by one!

P.S. Thank you for humoring us. 


  1. What an adventure! Love the photos and the story telling. Nice work Agent Clydesdale with that tricky big back light.


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