The weather had magically transformed back into winter and we were anxious to bundle up and roll out. So today we took a short trip over the bridge and through the tunnel to the cute town of Phoebus, VA. We found a pavilion with this interesting brick patterned stage.  The photo's below express our childish joy of our little discovery for the day.

We chose a higher vantage point to use as much of the sprawling pattern as possible. That and we just love being where we're not supposed to be and getting away with it! Chris wanted me to pose as cute as possible so knowing that my trusty Canon F1 gives me giggling delight he made me use it as a prop. Adding in a little external flash bounced off the celling and we got a lot of life and richness out of a rather drab, chilling and blustery day. 

I took to our chosen perch second and tired to mimic Chris's shot using his coat as the prop.