This sunday we once again decided to break our own rules; One photo containing both of us, reproduced by one of us, edited by the other one of us. *gasp* Say it's not so Toto! This twist in the bend started with an unusual choice for us, the mall!

Like the ravenous zombies of "Dawn of the Dead" we meandered to the mall. Chris was in dire need of some better fitting pants so that he could sport his collection of punk suspenders. We began cursing our lack in judgement as we passed the miles of shiny signs that demand our time and money until we came across a photo booth. A few minutes of snuggling and cute faces and we left the mall shortly after feeling satisfied with our only purchase of 4, 2 x 2 inch, $3 pictures.  

We don't have a scanner so we had to take a photograph of these pictures to get an electronic file of them. Not as easy a task as it seems. First, the paper was glossy so we had to use just the modeling lights with two soft-boxes to keep the glare to a minimum. Second, we had to be directly over top of the photo's so there was minimal distortion, which created more shadows... Ahhhh! But we're smart and stubborn so, we won!