I had found this large, crazy colored, canvas zodiac at the thrift store (for six freaking bucks!) some time ago. We hung it in the living room but every time I saw it I really wanted to incorporate it into one of our Sunday sessions. Nicky is damn near a gypsy (I promise, she's not one of those mystical kooks) so she already had all the peculiar gear, interesting jewelry, miscellaneous trinkets and spiritual tools stashed away. So why not toss it all into our creative cauldron and see what kind of photo concoction we come up with!

I geared up in some off the wall attire that I thought kind of fit the theme. Out of all her goodies, I totally snagged her deck of tarot cards for my props. Funny thing was though, the first card I pulled was death. Now some people might have fretted, but I instead laughed. You might be asking yourself why I chuckled at such an ominous omen. Because I, my friends, don't fear the reaper.

Then it was her turn to dress up as a gypsy, tramp and thief. Where as my getup was tougher to piece together, Nicky had hers at the ready. She was actually a gypsy two years ago for Halloween! I rummaged through her drawer of weird objects and strange witch like relics and settled on the sage stick. It was tough photographing the smoke but after some angling and playing with the light I faintly got it. No need to over do it, right? At the end of it all and after inhaling that mystical smoke, I indeed think our spirits were quite cleansed.