On our trip way up north, we found something that is unheard of in Virginia where we live. As I turned the corner down an old familiar road, Chris's eyes lit up. With his hands and face pressed against the window of the car, he yelled "FIREWORKS WAREHOUSE!". For those of us squatting in VA, we have no firework stores, huts, shanties, super stories, shoppes and of course, warehouses. We pulled in and after Chris composed himself, we took a few shots in front of the building using their really colorful and awesomely painted signs. 

One thing we struggled with was keeping our shadows off the background. We wanted each other close enough to the sign so that it would make the biggest impact. To remedy this, we used the off camera flash at 45 degrees angled up and to the left. It was completely overcast and later in the day so we were able to capture the rich colors. Thus producing super neat-o images!

After Chris had tried to shoot me in front of a giant "Fireworks" marquee, he looked toward the painted illustrations on the building. I liked the bull in this cartoon and thought the red would look really vibrant. One awesome bull sign, a sexy tough guy look and you get instant pop!

After looking at the various of other firework brand signs, Chris settled on this one because it seemed the most feminine and kicked the most ass. 


  1. Cool photos and a great job with the lighting. OCF (Off Camera Flash) is a wonderful thing. The colors do indeed pop.


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