The weather today had been whispering from the windows and trying to seduce us outside since we had woken at the crack of, well... noon! "To the Aveo!" Chris shouted as we gathered our gear and tried to set a destination for the day. Unfortunately, everyone and their mama was heading the same direction we were. So we ended up sitting in traffic for around 30 minute to an hour rocking our faces off to the ipod until we found an exit. We forged our own way to Williamsburg where we had a quick adventure walking the streets of colonial Williamsburg. There we found a lonely bull who just wanted to pose for a few photo's and get some head rubs. Hum... now what. Oh yah, our photo for the day! We wanted to play with the distortion that the Canon 10-22mm gives us so we shot horizontal and found an expansive background.

Chris got a cute curious shot of me with my arms playfully spread back and away from me to emphasize the wideness of the lens. Pop it with the flash and you get a little more of the "pro wow" look.

Chris is not the cutesy type. So to still incorporate the same idea as Chris's shot of me, I went for an image that kind of mimicked and made fun of his shot.