On our journey this week, we were out and about playing... shocking I know. Off we ambled with gear over to the little park a few blacks from our pad. This seemed like a great time to do some low light, longer exposure shots that showed motion. Which meant into the swings we climbed!

We decided fate by a round of paper rock scissors and I got to shoot the Nickster first. I snapped quite a few but just was feeling any of them so I cocked my hat sideways ('cuz that's what all those damn kids are doing these days right?) and jumped in the saddle instead. Ain't I cute!? *gag*

So after her snapping me and digging her deeds I gave it another shot. I think the fact that it was almost night was what really made me love this round. That and... well look at that face, can you tell she likes the playground? It really made me smile.