Color was the theme for today's shoot. Well also our best color kung fu fighting stance too I suppose! Yes, we rock. DO NOT DENY IT! Anyways, we increased our chances with odd color by changing the "picture style" to a custom setting in the camera first and then taking it to the extreme with a little help in Photoshop. 

Chris is a mean mugging, serious, get down to some butting kicking, kind of color kung fu fighter. Look at the intensity in his face and his "gnarly" bracelet that lets you know he's going to mop the floor with you and then go watch Point Break while doing his best Keanu.

Nicky on the other hand uses the pointy cat like finger spread and pissy face color kung fu style that is also popular with indoor cats. Pop up and pounce is this girly's moto! 


  1. And there's the mohawk again...just can't leave that be, can he?


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