Because of the national birthday we all share every year; the 4th of July, Chris and I had a whole 2 day weekend off. This only happens once in a blue moon (oh I love that ice-cream) so we chose to run our-self's raged with fireworks, friends, and fantastic alone time. 

These shots are the parts of each-others bodies that we really enjoy giving love to. Yes, roll your eyes and gag at the ultimate cuteness that appears to be our everyday life. I'm as shocked as you people because three years ago I would have joined in the spitting! But as it seems love is all you need: Enter stage left... beard and toes!

So Chris has always loved my toes. It's not creepy or weird he just thinks their very cute. He wanted my electric orange polish to mach the background and to fill the frame with precise focus. So the 50 compact macro f2.8 was just the lens for the job. You must be careful with this lens because it's very picky about focusing! 

Chris has grown this amazing beard. It's super soft and I love when he tickles me with it. Get your mind out of the gutter! I used the same background and tried to back light the hair a bit to show off  the texture and bulk of it.


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