Today was a real scorcher outside so we really didn't want to shoot out in the heat. Thus we stuck to tossing around ideas that could be done in our studio. There was talk of capturing motion and even ninjas but in the end we went with... well, cross dressing. We decided to use these creepy, partially see through, man/woman masks to really complete our transformations.

Nicky ripped apart her chest of drawers to find me a dress that I could squeeze into and still look halfway decent. Of course we didn't want to show my manly chest hair but an undershirt would have been tacky, hello! So we solved that problem with a lacy shawl. Next, on went the girlie mask and sun hat. To tie it all together and really bring out my southern belle look, she had me hold a pretty little fan. Boy, would Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs have been proud.

Then it was my turn to wrap Nicky in dude wear. I figured I should make her look classy since I was so elegant in my set. That's only fair, right? So on went the slacks, button up shirt, suspenders and my Michael Jackson Moonwalker hat. After some pinning and clamping of extra material behind her and the rolling up of baggy sleeves, she started to really look like a boy! Scary thing is, it kinda reminds me of my little brother. Oh god, where's my therapist!

So after some desaturating and vignetting, we had a final product of man becomes girl and woman becomes boy! All I can say to try and save some of my dwindling male pride after this is that in ancient mythology even Thor had to dress like a broad at one point to get his magic hammer back. So there!


  1. Well, you know, Thor probably made a fabulous chick!

    Also, I know its juvenile, but still: was he trying to get back his Magic Hammer, or his "Magic Hammer?" Hahaha!

    And seriously, the masks are creepy. So very creepy...


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