For us, Sunday is the day of the lazy. Unfortunately, where there is loafing there is typically procrastination. Thus we waited until the last minute to decide what in the blue blazes we were going to do. But hey, why break our tradition? Seems to have worked so far!

Nicky had been wanting to do something with "snoots" for a while and direct the light into one spot. Now this wasn't as dead on as we had hoped but I still think it worked well with the gold reflector background we used.

All this light made everything really bright and the reflector gave everything a warm golden glow. So Nicky put me in a light shirt and a lighter hat so nothing was too stark. 

I didn't want to use the same hat or some corn ball mask this time. So I just ran with Nicky's new hair cut. I gave it a bit of a slick and it helped shine the light well and give more notice to her intense expression.


  1. Is it just me, or does it seem like Chris would be right at home in the mountains making moonshine? Nah...must be my overactive imagination at work again. ;)


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