Bet you thought this was going to be about zombies from the title didn't you? Well I hate to burst your bubble, but this weeks shoot is actually about umbrellas. 

Nicky thought of the idea to use one as kind of a background for me and I just so happen to have a gigantoid black one! So she had me put on my new Greek fisherman's cap and slip into my artsy, pseudo rebellious blazer. This was a two light setup in our studio with one at about forty five degrees to my right (or your left as you now look at the picture) and the other one behind the umbrella. The rosy glow coming through was from a pink background about a foot behind the rear light.

I didn't want to just stick Nicky with the same outfit, light setup or even the same umbrella. So after staring at the studio lights for a bit I was struck by an idea. This is about umbrellas but who said they have to be the kind that are for the rain? I grabbed one of the white studio flash versions and stuck it in her hand. I sort of went for that Russian old maid look for her attire. Makes you feel like they could be an eastern european couple! I would have loved to actually made water run over her umbrella but who want's a slippery studio? In the end it's almost like she's sticking her hand out and checking for light.