Chris and I try a lot of different hairstyles on a regular basis. This Sunday's post was inspired by just such a hairstyle experiment, braids.

We decided to come back into the studio and work with some props. The odd braids that I woven my hair into this morning sent us into the wild west, the land of cowboys and indians.

To me, this was a time of men who were gun toten', tobacco smokin', no shit takin', sex pots! I skipped over a handful of really great shots of Chris until I came to the one below. I stuck with this one solely for the expression on his face. It makes me think of Clint Eastwood looking off into the horizon for signs of the law coming round the bend!

Chris made me put on a few accessories from my closet and bam! Instant indian. After my second attempt at shooting, Chris wanted to try a more somber approach to mimic the mood of my image.

After all was said and done, we thought a quick change of the images to sepia tone would be even more fitting to that era.


  1. Now, if only there were a decent grain texture you could add to really round out the old-timey feel. Alas, no such luck...

    Nice mood with the shots, though. I like the lighting in the second photo a bit better, but that's just me.


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