This creepy shoot was inspired by three different ideas that we came up with while driving back to the studio: silhouette's, painting with light, and masks. They just so happened to all came together in an interesting way. It's also super helpful when you have tons of fun props laying around the house!

I had to struggle with the length of the nose on this mask so the pose was necessary to fit it in the frame. I enjoy how it looks like he's peeking in from the shadows and not all the detail of his face is lit. 

Chris discovered the cool effect of having a small flash light illuminating the gold detail on the mask. It made me reshoot to mimic his results. He liked the stark shape of my body against the red. The background is lit by hot lights about a foot or so away from us. The only other light is from the little flash light so we were able to keep the body silhouetted 


  1. Very cool effect. That little bit of light from the flashlight really makes the gold pop against the silhouette. Nice work!


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