The only reason we got up before 2pm today was the suggestion of breakfast at some place that would cook it and clean it up. Oh and coffee. Bottomless, delicious coffee! Mmmmmm, coffee.
Then home for a nap, walking for food stuffs, picking up a few movies and we were ready to find the idea for the day.

As we watched static on the TV, a blue glow fell on us and Chris was struck with the idea for a background. The TV. The fist thing to go in our "traditional" style of Sunday Photo Funday images was the orientation. Horizontal just worked better for what we were shooting. So we figured to break our own mold and go with an entirely new look. 

This idea came to me quickly and with a few de-cluttering maneuvers, we positioned the hot lights to illuminate the wall only. The rest was finding the right shutter speed to get the best "snow" and getting Chris in the right pose, and there you go! TV man wants to play.

Chris went for a macro approach after he saw the snow reflected in my eyes. With my head against the glass he had me stair off into TV heaven. The Canon 50mm 2.5 Compact Macro lens is what we both used but Chris used it's super macro capabilities and shot just my eye with the fuzz as a backdrop.  


  1. Great close-up of your eye. Watch out, though, or you'll go blind!


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