We started off our day by enjoying a long and lazy morning well into the afternoon. Unfortunately it couldn't last as the chores, errands and of course this silly fresh photo blog that you now enjoy began to weigh heavy on our sluggish brains. We just decided to wing it and take a random drive and see where we ended up. We also brought along the studio strobes to try out something different.

Nicky had some vision to use a field of tall grass for todays scenario. Thus, we scoured from deep Portsmouth to the edges of Chesapeake looking for her perfect untamed lot. And at long last we settled for the one below.

So we tossed up all the equipment and funny thing was we totally didn't use any of the studio stuff. Nicky ended up using the hot shoe flash and our large gold reflector. I sat in the golden grass we had discovered as she snapped away while I playing with bugs and chewing the foliage.

By the time I was handed the camera we were pretty hot, bug bitten and just about done with this shoot. After a bit of coaxing and directing, up popped that beautiful smile. I turned off the flash and just relied on the overbearing sun and that big gold reflector to really bring out the warmth in this shot. Now that's one pretty little brown eyed monkey!


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