Before I get into the fun filled adventure for today, let me first acknowledge the fact that I know this post was dropped after midnight. Now technically that makes it Monday, but not in my twisted little head. My day doesn't end until I go to sleep or pass out. So there!

On this Sunday we decided to head towards the beach front for something different and also to avoid the rain that was pounding Norfolk. I suggested Sandbridge since it's nice, neither of us had been there in eons and has way less goobers ambling about. After we had driven way out and parked we went for a leisurely stroll along the beach toting along our cameras. My first thought was to shoot with the awesome storm clouds and dunes behind each of us. But those same clouds decided they were camera shy and peed all over us. Off to the car we fled and just as we were leaving the beach area the sun popped out and dried up all the rain. On our way home we noticed how cool the colors of a lot of the buildings were and decided to use those as a background instead. I suggested using only the eyes and tops of our heads thus you have what you see below.

I shot Nicky first with this pretty blue surf shop behind her dome. She may be a pretty little thing but look at those beady eyes... she looks guilty of something to me!

After that we walked over to this real estate office next door that had these great yellow shutters and was similarly cool colored like the surf shop. So I bugged out my creepy eyes, tossed up the inquisitive eyebrow, and Nicky pushed the button!