It is known that there could be no light without darkness, no right without wrong, no good without bad. With that in mind, it was time to show off our eeeeevil sides. Yes, that's evil spelled with five "e's" to emphasize just how sinister we are!

Nicky had been wanting to use my eye patch and hat along with our cat Vixen's patented evil sneer all in one shoot for some time. She sat me in my fancy-shmancy office chair and I donned a suit. She stuck one light behind my right shoulder for the rim light and the other towards the front left of me. Once she had the two light set up to her liking, it was time for Vixen to get her contemptuous look on. This was easy because she's a great model who loves the camera she really is quite a maniacal little creature. Tremble before us worms!

I, on the other hand, had to come up with my concept on the fly. I thought back to the old black and white silent picture era when bad guys wore black top hats and had creepy facial hair. Thus poor Nicky was forced to suppress her cutesy girl side and play the role of a dastardly dude. Now I don't have a collection of fake moustaches (I need to work on that!) so I penciled one in with her eyeliner. For that extra creep factor I used one strobe about three feet above her head to achieve the deep shadows for her to lurk in.

So draw the shutters, lock your doors, and hide your valuables because evil is afoot! Muahahahaha!!!


  1. I'm wondering if it would have been more effective to have the eye patch over your left eye, since it is somewhat difficult to make out on your right; of course, with the right eye being farther from the camera, maybe it would have made you look too inhuman. Oh, the conundrum.

    Nicky, OTOH, will be haunting my nightmares for many, many sleepless nights! Thanks alot!

    BTW, good move on avoiding the James Bond Villain Stroking the Cat look. That would probably have been too cliche!

    Nice photos!


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