I had a shoot last weekend with a client and she wanted to be portrayed as happy and pretty yet confident. I finished up with a few different backgrounds in the studio and outdoors as well and off she went. After I was straightening up I realized I had really wanted to use these pretty trees that are behind our apartment for a head shot background. I have no idea what kind of trees they are but they have these beautiful white flower petals. So I logged them into the Rolodex in my brain for future use.

Sunday rolls around and it's time for our Sunday Photo FunDay shoot. It was beautiful outside so why not take advantage of those gorgeous trees! So we grabbed our gear and bounced out the backdoor.

I tossed on a fedora to cover up my freshly showered, dried, and fuzzed fro. I held the big reflector with one hand while Nicky squatted like a toad and shot down low. This cut out all the other crap in the background and kept only the flowers of the tree behind my head.

I literally only took three snaps using the same low reflector and I knew I had it.  I mean look at that face, beautiful! I love how wispy and flowy her hair looks with the little curls surrounding her lovely face. Cuter than a sack full of kitty toes! Wait, that's kinda creepy. Whatever, you know what I mean!


  1. Chris,I think those are dogwood trees? If it is thats so one of my fav trees! By the way i love ya'lls little creative creations!! *=) ALOHA~


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