We had started our Easter red eyed and buzz-tailed at 3AM this morning when we helped some very good friends hide eggs for their kids in the yard. Thus leading to our day filled with super laziness and frequent outbursts into duets of "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit! Yohoho-HO yohoho-HO!" After searching for a statue that we never found, and hunting for plastic eggs that we never tracked down, we finally forcd each other to just "Shoot something!" Lucky for us we have a room full of cool stuff we could already shoot with!

After I whined a bit about getting this done, I took a few shot with fun angles to emphasize the crazy background. Then we rediscovered the bunny mask (a personal favorite of mine) and ran with the Easter Bunny idea. I want to shoot a cover photo for an "Easter Bunny Unmasked" article title I had written in my head 2.7 minuets earlier.

Chris kept to his twisted style and made me do all kinds of creepy poses with the bunny head while fighting to keep the glare off the innovative background. After doing all kinds of crazy lady faces he selected the more humorous photo.