The day was hot and full of cloudless skies. The beer was flowing out of our "sample glasses" and down the hatch, one right after another. This was our third Beer Fest in a row and we were eager to catch up with our friends. That was yesterday,. Today when we woke up... we knew we had a good time. After I got a gander at the mop that was posing as my hair this morning, we decided to do the "bad hair day" shoot that Chris had suggested.

We went with the white background so that we could capture every piece of our  messed up do's. I made Chris brush out the mohawk glue that keeps his hair prickly sharp even after a night of sleep. A few sleepy eyed shots later we got it.

We were using the 50mm 1.8 so Chris had to back up to get all of the madness on my head. The white background had a single light on it so that it would be the starkest white possible.