On our journey today, we headed towards Williamsburg, Virginia. We bounced around looking for interesting places to shoot but to no avail. We stopped at this old pottery place/ flea market which was a total bust. We gave up our hunt and headed back home but not before we stopped in to Cracker Barrel for some nom-noms. After we got home we did our usual idea contemplation and went with a bandana theme. The background was an issue yet again because we don't want to always use the boring old white standard studio technique. So Nicky fought through different light scenarios and ended up painting the background with light like you see below.

Nicky shot first and I wanted to do the whole bandito thing so around my face went the rag. Cock of the head here and a stinky glare there and... "poof" instant outlaw.

For Nicky I was going to wrap her head with the cloth the old maid way encircling her face. But she wasn't having any of that nonsense! So I figured to be fair I would make her look tough too. She was already wearing this urban style hoodie so I slapped her with the whole Chola style. Don't mess with this cabrona!