For this Sunday's post we tossed around quite a few ideas. I figured fun with sunglasses would be nifty and relatively easy. It just so happened that one of our friends (not sure if they belong to Matt or Gabe) left these rad pair of mirrored sunglasses at our place a while ago. We wanted to steer away from the traditional white background and experiment. Studio work is awesome and all but it can get a bit bland with the standard white setting. We were racking our brains trying to find something cool that would fit both of our concepts we had in mind for each other. So I mentioned why not have the person being photographed lay in a chair upside down thus making our hardwood floors into a backdrop! This keeps the persons head far enough away (at least 12 inches) from the "background" to give it a soft blur so as to put more focus on the face and to help eliminate shadows.

I hopped into the chair and Nicky had at it. She dressed me as a tough biker kinda dude so the shades fit perfect.

For my version of Nicky we thought it would be awesome to have her look kinda like Sarah Conner from Terminator! Again the shiny shades really made the pic. Bring it on Schwarzenegger!