It was a happy Sunday like any other with coffee flowing and kisses everywhere. I had to get some shots done of my newest prints so off to our art studio (the spare bedroom in our small apartment) we went!

After I made her pose all cutesy with my gallery prints, I decided it was time for some goof ball shots. Nicky had just bought this cool green shawl so I wrapped it around her face and made her hold up her favorite camera, the Argus C3. It was pretty damn cute but I thought to myself "How could this get cuter? Make her touch her nose or course!"

Next up behind the camera was Nicky. Immediately she told me to go snag my toys I got from her twin sister Traci. She had sent them to me when I was in the hospital last October. One of these cool little guys is a wind up grasshopper. Nicky perched him upon my shoulder and I decided to make a Godzilla face at my would-be Jiminy Cricket.

So fun was had! Then it struck me, why not start a blog about our nuttiness?

p.s. I know this wasn't posted on time (what a great start) but the photos were snapped Sunday at least!


  1. 5 bucks if you take a picture sitting on homeless Starbucks' guys lap....
    5 big ones baby... 5 big ones.


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