It was one of the best days weather-wise that we've had in over a month. So we were itching to get outside and start enjoying it. We found a few new something-or-other refineries, all with signs warning us "KEEP OUT", "NO TRESPASSING", and "THIS WAY TO CERTAIN DESTRUCTION!" Anyways, we ran amuck for a bit then ate some not-so-great Chinese food. After which we headed to our destination for this Sundays shoot that we painfully thought and obsessed over for all of... 2 minutes. The sky was brilliantly bright with amazing clouds so we thought it would be a great background. Armed with a Speedlite and mini reflector we began the shoot.

For this shot I had to cringe and twist to get the right angle for the sun to be behind him, the Speedlite falling on his face correctly, and get the right clouds in the background. I love the color of his eyes against the blue. So handsome.

It was beautiful and WINDY. So along with having to fight the wind, my hair was whizzing around my head like a rabid bird in flight! But after Chris went through the same contorting hookie pookie for the right angle, he came out with a unique image that changed the "problem" into an asset.


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