We had spent the early part of the day driving all over BFE trying to find something to shoot on this very rainy, very crappy, very blah day. All we succeeded in doing was eating fast food and singing classic rock in various tones while giggling like Beavis and Butt-Head. That last part was more Chris than I.  We gave up four hours later and headed home for our Sunday ritual as follows.

I had rediscovered my "Neem" face clay this past week so it was incorporated into this day's shoot. I wanted to keep most of Chris's face clean to emphasize his general disconnection with this fru fru face substance.  After figuring out a one light set up that would allow me to keep the true dark color of the Neem, I told Chris to make faces and away he went! There were  a ton of shots that I could have used but I had to stick with the one that I have envisioned all along.

Chris seemed determined to slather my whole face in something super cold and slimly so he headed to the fridge. After a few greasy shots with Tofutti sour cream he 86ed the vegan friendly goop and dove into the Neem. After a delightful face massage for the base mask he giggled and  began to transform me into...um, dino woman?


  1. Niiiiiiiice. I oughta start playing shows with that stuff. Makes the face look like it's crawled out of a cave.


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