It's no secret that Nicky and I love our animals. We have two cats, one named Moo Moo and the other Vixen. Also in our little zoo, we have two guinea pigs who's names are Daggett and Norbert. We figured we should give a couple of them a little photo love. Now we didn't chose the two we did because we prefer them over the others. We just didn't want to hold giant handfuls of animals plus Moo Moo is not exactly a cat that desires to be held. She's uber sweet but just don't over step her boundaries (like touching her toes or picking her up obviously) or she will lacerate your face. So...

Nicky got to do the shooting first. I snagged my little bitchy princess, Vixen. She is a bit of a diva and loves attention so it was no problem taking her picture. First Nicky had me drape her around my neck but that was kinda lame. After a few different cheesy cat lover poses I just held her in my arms and peered over her head and between her ears.
Instant cute!
I don't know why we keep having cute stuff but hey, it works!

Nicky wasn't feeling too hot after a late night of us drinking and being morons at the local tavern. So she really didn't want to do portraits. Her hair wasn't done, her make-up wasn't on point but damn it, I think she's cute no matter what state she's in! So I tossed a hoodie on her to cover her mop and make her feel better. Then she snuggled Norbert up underneath in her hood.
Instant gold.
If you look, there's actually a twinkle in Norberts eye!

Later friends!


  1. So sweet. The animals look adorable.
    Vixen of course has to be front and center.


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